VUE Software Launches Blockchain Initiative

COCONUT CREEK, Fla., Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — VUE Software, The Insurance Distribution Modernization Company, has funded a blockchain research project—teaming with select graduate students from NYU’s Stern College and Harvard University—on how blockchain technology can solve business issues in the insurance industry. VUE Software will gradually release the findings of this initiative within the next few weeks.

“This project was intentionally designed to work with researchers from outside the insurance industry to eliminate any preconceived bias,” said Stephen Bruno, President & CEO, VUE Software. As a part of this initiative, VUE Software worked with the B3i organization, based in Zurich, that is leading the insurance industry’s focus on blockchain.

“VUE Software is recognized as the industry leader in distribution management as well as for our thought leadership and technological innovation. Many of our clients are observing blockchain as a potential solution to some of their business issues and look to companies like VUE to deliver insight for insurance compliance and compensation.”  Mr. Bruno added, “we see blockchain and distributed ledger technology as transformative for the myriad of business processes that drive and deliver insurance throughout the world. It is incumbent to us to work with our clients and partners on blockchain,” said Stephen Bruno, President & CEO, VUE Software.

“Our team was pleased to contribute to this project for VUE Software, enabling us to apply research and learning from FinTech and blockchain to real use cases in insurance. Blockchain-based applications will impact many industries, particularly insurance and finance, and we view this project as a complement to our business education,” noted Stephanie Castro, NYU Stern MBA’18 and Team Lead for the VUE Software blockchain project.