Wealth Managers Lack Access to Quality Alternatives

“Financial advisors broadly consider alternative investments to be a key element in growing their high-net-worth business, but poor access to quality products is resulting in low allocations, according to a new survey from alternative asset platform Artivest. 

The firm’s Alternative Investment Survey, which gauged advisors’ appetite for alternative investments, showed (the following results).

Key findings of the survey include: 

  • 54% of advisors believe offering alternatives is important to retaining and attracting HNW investors
  • 26% of advisors think their adoption of alternatives is lower than institutions because of lack of access to quality products
  • 73% of advisors indicate that alternatives should make up more than 5% of an overall portfolio allocation
  • 90% of advisors maintain that a good digital experience is necessary to attract millennial HNW clients.”

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