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Equities.com Launches the EQ Dashboard A Revolutionary New SaaS Platform for Public Companies

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, Aug. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Equities.com, a fintech company connecting emerging growth companies, global investors, executives, fund managers, financial experts, and industry professionals on one platform is proud to announce EQ Dashboard.  A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for public compan­ies to target and engage with new investors and shareholders through a centralized and distributed Digital Investor Relations Network.

Enzo Villani, CEO of Equities.com commented, “We’ve spent over 2 years perfecting the product, working with over 200 public companies and utilizing our experience managing and building digital investor relations products that served over 15,000 corporate issuers since 2001.”

The EQ Dashboard allows public companies to turn their equity profile on Equities.com into an informational profile that helps tell their story using videos, graphics, and content alongside the financial information on the company.  Public companies also utilize the EQ Dashboard to publish content across the Equities.com site and our EQ-Investor Targeting Network.

We’ve Cracked the Code on Getting Liquidity into the Market

Unlike traditional online investor relations websites and newswire services, Equities.com provides a real focus to solve the problems of today’s public companies seeking investors and liquidity in their stock.

Mike MacDonald, COO of Equities.com commented, “The Equities.com audience includes savvy investors and self-motivated millennials who visit our site to learn about under-covered companies and new market trends. With the EQ Dashboard in conjunction with our new flat priced unlimited trading platform, investors have access to news, content and trading all in one place.”

Patrick Tracey, former President of the National Investor Relations Institute New York Chapter (NIRI NY), commented, “The EQ Dashboard provides a much needed addition to an investor relations strategy. Many public companies don’t have coverage by Wall Street firms and the business media. The EQ Dashboard provides a solution and gives the power back to the public company.”

EQ Dashboard includes:

  • Issuer Profile: Build, manage and measure the effectiveness of your company’s profile section that allows you to take control of the story and present the company beside your financial data and stock information. Post videos, management bios, presentations on this clean canvas that you control.
  • Issuer Contributor Posts: Post articles from your company but don’t be concerned about typos. Our editorial team reviews every piece before it goes live.
  • Boost that Post: With our integrated EQ-Investor Targeting feature, you can boost your article to over 50,000 top financial media & news sites including Bloomberg, Reuters, Zero Hedge, MSN Money, and The Street.com. EQdash includes a minimum of 500+ views of one post per month, that’s over 6,000+ investors engaging with content per year. Guaranteed!
  • Manage Your Digital IR Presence: You’ll receive access to your company’s published articles, monthly traffic and engagement results, and market intelligence on your stock and the market.
  • Compliance: Feel secure with our archives and compliance features. Equities.com is dedicated to full compliance and provides the necessary disclosures. We also archive all articles, traffic data and results.

Get started for $500 per month and receive 500+ guaranteed targeted investor engagements each month. Go to http://www.equities.com/eqdashboard

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