What Jumps 80% in 24 Hrs?

Note from the Publisher:  Hint – no stocks that we know of.  Digital currency is the answer – and specifically – Monero.  We’ve not talked about this currency before, but in fact Monero’s value is rising faster than a bunny rabbit with it’s tail on fire.  Sadly, the increased valuation is due to the fact that certain drug websites on the “dark web” (TOR), are now accepting this currency as payment.  We’re sharing two articles with you today to provide you further insight into yet another form of cryptocurrency.  It’s the wild west out there. 

“For years, Monero has been praised by the Bitcoin community and highly respected Bitcoin developers for demonstrating legitimate development work and innovative privacy features for its users. Thus, for many, the rise of Monero in value was somewhat expected, considering its legitimacy and the talent behind its development team.

The market cap of Monero surged nearly 80% over the past 24 hours, reaching nearly US$110,000,000 and US$63 million in daily trading volume. It has been the best performing altcoin so far this week, due to the support and demand from various startups, developers, and traders.” 

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“With all the recent focus by both cyber security firms and established mainstream Bitcoin firms on fighting anonymity on the Bitcoin Blockchain it is no surprise that more libertarian solutions will emerge. Currently benefiting the most from this trend is the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) that is enjoying unprecedented growth in value.

Monero is now traded at around $9.5 (0.0164 BTC) giving it’s overall circulation a total market capitalization of over $120 million. This puts Monero in the top five most valuable cryptocurrencies, shooting past the social media token Steem at $115 million and just behind the original altcoin Litecoin at $180 million.”

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