Where are the Women of Fintech?

Note from the CEO:  No dating pool of women in tech? OMG!! Why? Maybe they don’t like beer, pizza and ping pong in the office? This article speculates on many possible reasons, all valid and insightful, but maybe since tech is relatively new it is just starting to attract women. Years ago there were no female lawyers, doctors or financial professionals. Watch out guys. The women are super smart and ready to rock.

Note from the Publisher:  Since the publisher here is a female, we’ll put our two cents in here and note that there are a handful of super high powered women in fintech, but yes, it skews male.

“This article was written by Helene Berkowitz, a fintech professional with 15 years’ experience in finance and business operations. Passionate about female empowerment, work/life balance and career development.

Fintech: the technology that makes the financial services industry run more efficiently.  Fintech is made up of software developers, computer programmers and engineers, working with banks, investment firms and tech companies, all evaluating ways to improve the world of finance. The fintech industry simply cannot exist without the technology sector.

However, there is a large gap between the numbers of men and women working in tech. We know it exists, we read about it and we talk about it, but let’s face it: there aren’t enough solutions out there. It’s time we not only recognized the problem, but fixed it.”

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