Where are the Women in Fintech?

Women in Fintech
We just published a story yesterday about Sallie Krawcheck and her robo-advisor for women – Ellevest, and then today we saw another piece questioning where the women in fintech are.  My answer – EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Let’s start with my friend Dara Albright – an early advocate and outspoken leader in the crowdinvesting segment.  Then there’s Sandra Ro, head of digitization for the CME, steering the exchange’s efforts to create some of the most innovating financial technology products on the planet and bringing them to institutional trading markets everywhere.  How about entrepreneurs Stephanie Kent of Krypton, a coder bringing alternative digital tokens to the forefront, Heather Holmes, CEO of wealthtech Genivity and Mary Kopcynski, CEO of regtech 8of9?  Then there’s Yvette Butler, President of Capital One Investing, and Blythe Masters of blockchain disrupter Digital Asset Holdings.  And that’s just a start, the list goes on and on and on.  So, next time someone asks you where are the women in fintech are, tell them to wake up and smell the roses.  We’re right here in the middle of the industry, everywhere you look.  Fintech is wide open for innovators & distrupters of every creed, race or gender.  The key terms being “INNOVATORS & DISRUPTERS”.
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“….Today, only 8 per cent of FinTech directors globally are women. Some claim that gender bias in the financial sector is caused by the wrong perception that the finance and banking sector is a boys-only club. However, while still in its infancy when it comes to gender equality, the financial sector started welcoming some promising female entrepreneurs.

One of the most successful female FinTech players is Amy Nauiokas who is a founder and a president of the FinTech investment firm Anthemis. Nauiokas’ career path involved her being a CEO and Managing Director at Barclays Stockbrokers. She also worked at places like Bear Sterns and Cantor Fitzgerald before setting up Anthemis in 2008.

Amy Nauiokas is an example of an acknowledged professional who used to work in the banking sector, and eventually moved into the FinTech sphere. This is a major trend of a thriving female individual who left en masse for better opportunities.

Developing and running a FinTech is not necessarily limited to individuals who are coming from the financial sector, or who used to hold a management position at the world’s biggest banks. A lot of successful stories start with an idea for a solution to a problem. Like the story of a Polish entrepreneur – Marta Krupinska – who as an expat living in Ireland faced many challenges when sending money home. Being charged tremendous fees by one of the money transfer companies, she chose to fly back home and travel with her money instead. It was actually cheaper than making a transfer….”

Source: Girltalkhq