Whose to Blame for BitFinex Breach?

Note from the CEO:  Uh oh!!! Bitcoin’s missing (lots and lots) and already internal investigations show no one is responsible. FintekNews is not privy to any inside information, but it sure looks like someone (BitGo) may be in a heap of trouble. Or, the typhoon winds just blew the bitcoins away.

“In light of the recent Bitfinex attack, BitGo revealed a rather interesting statement. The company claimed their own investigation has yielded no evidence of a breach of any of their servers during the Bitfinex attack. This is rather strange, as all of the missing funds was drained from multisignature wallets, which should be secured by BitGo’s technology.

The way most people look at this statement is as follows: BitGo secures BitFinex’s cold storage but did not record a breach. However, the funds were stolen from multisignature wallets. If there was no breach, to begin with, how did the funds go missing then? A rather worrisome option to consider for sure.”

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