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Cindy Taylor Greetings to our FintekNews Friends, one and all!!  We hope you like our new website and our new daily newsletter design!  We think they create a much more enjoyable experience for our readers, and help you see the depth of the editorial we have to offer more easily.



Impact Investing Through Municipal Bonds With Neighborly

We found it interesting that good old fashioned municipal bonds have become a "new" way to participate in the impact investing genre.  Neighborly, an...

ATL-based Kabbage Gnabs Another Cool $200M from Credit Suisse

Kabbage is on an absolute tear this year.  After lining up $250M from Japan's Softbank earlier in the 2017, the company has received a...


W. Todd Lawrence

3 Questions with W. Todd Lawrence of Wolters Kluwers

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column 3 Questions. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech...
Wolfgang Koester

3 Questions with Wolfgang Koester of FiREapps

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column 3 Questions. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech...

Fintech Trading

Bitcoin Gold

BITCOIN New Highs; Short Term Peak?? GOLD, Nowhere-Really Yawn (11/21/17)

FintekNews compares the price of Bitcoin, Gold & Major Market Averages on a daily basis, and uses the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) bitcoin indexes (BRR &...
Mike Zigmont

The Zigmont Report (Daily Market Recap for 11/21/17)

Mike Zigmont, author of the Zigmont Report, is a partner at New York-based Harvest Volatility Management, a hedge fund with over $10B AUM, offering volatility...



Just in Time for the Holidays, Betterment Launches New Charitable Giving...

Roboadvisor Betterment has devised a great new way for their customers to give to charities.  Through their new Betterment Charitable Giving service, clients can...

Capitect Rolls Out New Portfolio Customization Tools for Advisors

The CEO of FintekNews is a longtime trader and hedge fund guy and one thing that really bugs him is the plethora of unimaginative,...

Digital Currencies


Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange to Launch in January 2018

As all our readers know (?), FintekNews tries really hard to focus on the US fintech sector BUT every so often we need to...

Coinbase Custody Enters Institutional Bitcoin Market, Estimated at $10B+

WELL, here we go. Go WHERE you ask? Into "Bitcoin Institutional Land" which is the next step as we leave "Bitcoin Fantasy Land". Yeah,...



Cryptocurrency Start-Up Runs Off with $375K in ICO Scam

Small time crooks. Who would take the time to do an ICO just to run off with a paltry $375K? Come on! A REAL...

Predictions for Top 10 ICOs of 2018

This is a first. I don't believe I have ever seen a "top 10 list" for ICOs that may come out in the upcoming...



Asia’s WeLab Scores $220M from Alibaba, IFC & Credit Suisse

  Anytime we see a VC infusion of over $100M into a fintech firm, we sit up and pay attention.  Such was the case with...

ICOs Outpacing Seed Capital For Early Stage Funding

WHAT? The big old venture firms are turning more risk averse? Well at least in the very early "seed stage" of investing. Seems that...


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Meets Banking in China with Launch of AiBank

Looking outside the US fintech sector to bring attention to a BIG DEAL. Know what AiBank is? Thought not. Its short for artificial Intelligence...
Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank Strategist Discusses End of Fiat Money

OH MY! The nightmares may actually come true? All this time the "doom and gloomers" have been preaching that fiat currencies would collapse and...
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