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Cindy Taylor Greetings to our FintekNews Friends, one and all!!  We hope you like our new website and our new daily newsletter design!  We think they create a much more enjoyable experience for our readers, and help you see the depth of the editorial we have to offer more easily.



CFTC Launches Major New Fintech Initiative

Racing ahead of the SEC (how hard is that?) the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) has set up a fintech innovation team to coordinate...
Chinese Fintech

Chinese Fintech Advancing Under PBOC Directives

China is stepping up the pace of the innovation "revolution". The  (Peoples Bank of China) is setting up committee that will focus on fintech's...

3 Questions

Jon Squire

3 Questions with Jon Squire of CardFree

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column “3 Questions With”. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of...
Jacqueline Ko Matthews

3 Questions with Jacqueline Ko Matthews, CEO Of InvestmentPOD

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column “3 Questions With”. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of...

Fintech Trading


Markets & KFTX – What Can You Say, Its Up and...

UNSTOPPABLE. Yes, we are talking about the market, specifically the major averages (Dow, S&P, Nasdaq Composite) and their levitating ability to go up no...
Bitcoin Gold


Welcome to our new streamlined format for Bitcoin vs Gold (and beyond) and look for additional changes over the coming weeks, including a new logo...



Hey Robot! You Can Cut Me With a Knife, But Don’t...

Should you laugh or just shake your head in disbelief? How about both? Seems a research study by HSBC found that people would rather...

SoFi Robo-Advisor Latest to Add Humans Back in the Mix

Oh GREAT, now they're dating? Yeah, over at SoFi (Social Finance) they have paired up human advisors and robots ("software-based financial advice") on SoFi's...

Digital Currencies


Digital Currencies & ICO Trend Continue Rapid Expansion

If you thought the fintech "revolution" was cooling............Forget about it!! There are so many alternative uses for a technology that may have started out...
Peach Aviation

Japan’s Peach Aviation Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is peachy. As in Peach Aviation which is one of Japan's largest discount airlines and is now accepting bitcoin to pay for plane...



Adding 2 Billion UnderBanked to World Economy with Blockchain

We at FintekNews have written and commented on the global transformation of how people are now becoming connected to the world of finance. There...
Art Market

Blockchain Art Market Enables Investors to Buy Shares of Masterpieces

WOW! With volatility missing in the financial markets lately where can a person go to make a buck or two (or much more)?  How...


Fintech Unicorns

Pre IPO FinTech Companies Kabbage, SoFi, Stripe Over $1B Valuations

It's always interesting to see which companies cut through the clutter and make it to the unicorn club, with valuations exceeding $1B.  CB Insights...

$100B Softbank Technology Fund Vexing VCs

Money the key to happiness? Well yeah, EXCEPT if you are looking for new investments. We all know (or should know) that Japanese robotics...



Online Lender Payoff’s App Helps Women Tackle Finances

Make room gentlemen, time to share bigger slices of the financial services sector. No matter what you have read, women still remain undeserved in...
Chat App Symphony

Banking Chat App Symphony Raises $63M

The headline says Symphony, a secure banking chat app, just got an investment from BNP Paribus to the tune of $63M. And, congratulations to them....
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