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Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Backpeddles His “Bitcoin is a Fraud” Statement

WELL SNAP! There goes all the fun. Seems Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, has had second thoughts about his infamous "bitcoin is a...
Jamie Dimon

The Last & Final Word (for now) On Bitcoin from Jamie Dimon

NOT AGAIN! But yes, the CEO of JP Morgan is using the bitcoin word again. Except this time he says he won't talk about...
Mark Cuban

This Time its Mark Cuban Dissing JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon

THIS is becoming way to easy BUT its so much fun. What is it? Piling on Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan) after his...

Another Pushback on JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, This Time from CEO of RBC

Let's pile on Jamie Dimon. Yeah, you remember him. Big banker guy. Famous for saying "bitcoin is a fraud". Yeah, him. Well, after being...
Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley CEO Counters JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon

TAKE THAT JAMIE DIMON! Seems that there is another view on digital currencies and the crypto space. And its none other than James Gorman,...
Top Traded Stocks

NYSE Looking for Regulatory Approval on Leveraged Bitcoin ETF

FASCINATING. NO, Fascinating 2X. All the chatter and comments on cryptocurrencies (namely Bitcoin) really make getting up every morning a real treat. Bitcoin too...
Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Bans Investments in Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust

REALLY? Merrill Lynch just says NO to allowing its clients and advisers to invest in a trust that holds bitcoins. Oh yes, it's also...

UK Fintech Revolut Hits 1 Million Users in Just Two Years

Let's take a quick peek across the pond (Atlantic Ocean) and learn what fintech firm has become the hottest startup IN THE WORLD. Any...
Asset Class

CME Chairman Emeritus Calls Bitcoin a New Asset Class

OK, when "The Master" speaks we all need to pay attention. Forget Jamie Dimon (bitcoin's a fraud), Warren Buffet (bitcoin will never work) and...
Brian Kelly

CNBC’s Brian Kelly Explains His Preference For Bitcoin Over Blockchain

When Brian Kelly speaks, I perk up and listen. Why? because I totally agree with him and it makes me feel smart. Actually Brian...

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