The Godfather of Fintech Discusses the Golden Age of Fintech

By Cindy Taylor/Publisher

Recently, the “Godfather of Fintech” – Ron Suber – was in Atlanta to deliver the keynote address at the Fintech South 2018 event.

The two-day conference, sponsored by the Technology Association of Georgia and held at Atlanta’s gleaming new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, featured key thought leaders in the industry, as well as current and emerging Fintech leaders from across the globe. Topics covered included Security, Regulations, Blockchain & Crypto, AI & Big Data, Banking & Lending, and Commerce & Retail Payments, though the latter was the most prevalent, since Atlanta is the unofficial global center for the payments sector.

Suber has become one of the most recognizable voices in the global Fintech arena. Since officially departing the Fintech he helped to create, the former President of Prosper Marketplace has become a leading industry advocate for online lending and financial innovation in general. An active investor in dozens of early stage Fintech firms including the Vice Chairman role at Credible, Suber has spent years evangelizing on the need to improve upon existing analog financial services. He believes Fintech can provide access to sophisticated banking services for the underbanked at a far lower cost. Suber frequently expresses shares his vision of the future of finance.

One of the key takeaways from his speech at the Fintech South event had to do with fear:

According to Suber…..”I am More Excited than Ever! 😊”

You can view the speech he delivered at Fintech South through the link below: